Corporate Cafe Management


We are a local company with a hands on approach to our business. Our mission is simple: To serve the highest quality food at competitive prices with the best customer service to each client. With these three main ingredients in place our company continues to grow.  We look forward to taking on new challenges and thrive on helping facility and property managers to accomplish their food service goals.


  • THINK YES mentality!!! LJ’s Corporate Cafeteria management will do anything possible to accommodate every reasonable request. If it’s possible, LJ’s will do it.
  • Customer service, exceptional product and satisfaction are the primary objectives of LJ’s. 
  • Our team of owners and general managers will have a local presence to insure that we are always there to meet our customer’s needs. We will recruit, train and develop  qualified personnel to provide exceptional service to our customers. We like to host quarterly meetings with administrators, members of procurement, property\facility manager’s and\or catering representatives to help us adjust to your needs. We gather input daily by interacting with customers EVERYDAY. 
  • Each café will have a dedicated onsite manager for the local operation and a catering manager available to handle all catering requests.  
  • Each café employee will follow strict HSSE, LJ’s Code of Conduct policy, Food Safety criteria and our general Standard Operating Procedures.  LJ’s always adheres to all HACCP guidelines. 
  • Our continued growth has increased our scope of purchasing power. This has enabled us to buy the highest quality products, at more competitive rates, which is passed on to the customer. LJ’s and our clients will create a price conscious menu that will satisfy the tastes and needs of the café patrons and company employees.
  • We understand each account is different and we thrive on customizing our cafeteria menus and operations individually. We work hard to keep abreast of market trends and the ever changing demand of our foodservice customers.  We will introduce new items to each location and adjust menus to meet specific desires of our customer base. 
  • We have built a good reputation and following with our “old favorites” and new innovative menu options.  We introduce foods inspired by many different Ethnic cuisines as well as traditional comfort foods.  We take pride in having hundreds of homemade items and specials to create a distinctive menu based on customer feedback.


We look forward to meeting with you and discussing additional features of our corporate or school foodservice. Thank you for considering us and giving us the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon to set up a personal meeting.